Mar 10, 2008

Words can not express what my heart feels, but i will make an awkward attempt. The continuum of life makes sense and the space between this life and the next has thinned for this new mom. I feel as if those that have gone before whom i did not know personally and those that I have loved dearly on Earth have paid a visit to my precious baby boy as he slept and mom poured tears - maybe they feel happy he made it safe and sound or possibly missing him. I was overcome with gratitude to have another gorgeous life experience that has awoken my spiritual senses and made my heart overflow. I have a deeper capacity to love. We are a family full of newness and opportunity. I fell in love with Kev all over again and in deeper ways as i felt him love me through labor and fall head over heels for this little 16 day early baby boy - Barek (little bear) Gabriel Peterson. Bear has been easy on me through womb time to labor time - truly a gift from Heavenly Father to ensure this high maintenance mom has more little ones. I watch him sleep all day- holding him, smelling him and touching his soft skin. I am already sad he is going to grow up - and one day be to busy to be held and way to big to be swaddled. I love love love nursing and the thought that i can lose the poundage. Thank you for being so loving and happy for us- we are so excited for you all to meet our beautiful addition and greatest homemade item.
Love you so,
Sasha Mari and family of three