Mar 1, 2009

Bear Bum

After an adventurous Bear feeding- i thought it would be a sweet treat to give him a dip in the kitchen sink. Good times, he just loves to stand and play with the faucet.

Shopaholic Girls Night Out

My favorite girls night out so far.... we were going to go in a limo this time but what can i say there is just too many of us.. A pimped out escalade will always do- we sipped on Martenelli's in plastic champagne glasses on the ride there- so snobby! We dressed to the hilt and ate tons of yummy food, sweets and indulged in Becky Bloomwood fashion. So much fun! I think every group of men at the bar sent a daring representative to talk to us... so funny, such a group of mystery mommies. I got home at 2:00 am and took a 4 hour nap the next day. Thank you Kev for being my prince charming- but in real life. I am so glad to have fun friends!