Jan 21, 2009

Christmas at Christensen Manor

Tears and glasses... my dad made me a trunk for Christmas. It is gorgeous. Thank you dadakins. I love you so much!

Barek was baby Jesus ... my mom was concerned he would not behave...
so far in Bareks wee life he has always behaved.

The long journey...

Barek loves books and thank heavens- grandma does too.

Seven Year Itch- Kev Scratched.

Seven years of a meaningful marriage with my sweet husband. Looking back there are specific and bold choices that shaped who we are as a couple-ship and then there are those moments that silently define us. For those that know me well- truth is there is no one i rather spend time with more than Kevin. Even with his annoying pout during a trip shopping- he is adorable to me. Kev is an honest person. He fills my life with kindness, consistency, tenderness and giggles. After having my little prince, Barek, it has been wonderful to share my overflowing love for bear with someone who understands - Barek is just so gorgeous and everything he does is just so perfect!.... Kev understands and Kev agrees. Over the years his opinion and council have become vital to me, as i learned to trust his judgement more and more. Kev is full of quiet wisdom. I love that he can be in a conversation with someone who thinks they "know it all" - and not feel the need to correct them and prove his intelligence. He let go of being proud years before i came around. He is a good man in all meanings.