Dec 5, 2008

Thank Heavens For Idaho Potatos and Idaho Family

Kevin and Bear with Great Grandma Cook. Lola Cook is an incredible woman and has been living a wonderful life full of purpose, meaning and kindness. She is 85 years old and has 30+ great grandchildren. I love her and her name so I am hoping to name a little one after her.

My mom was actually roommates with Kevs mom at BYU. One holiday season she came to this very house we are in over 35 years ago. If only they would have known- Bevs son would marry Carols daughter.

Peterson home and pool time-

Barek is a water baby and got so excited to get into the pools. Luckly they are indoor at the Peterson home so he got a lot of water time.

Thanksgiving Day
We are thankful for you sweet baby boy Barek.

Bear put on a happy face even though he had ear infections- he is just so amazingly sweet and from this trip we learned he is really a crowd pleaser.