May 13, 2008

May 12, 2008

The Thinker

May 11, 2008

A Marvelous Mothers Day

A bit of time in Tahoe. We took a picnic to Tahoe on the Monday that my wonderful parents in love where here. Oh, how I love them dearly.

As all my good friends know I have been celebrating the bounties of Mothers Day for a long time. Breakfast in bed, jewels, love letters and yummy requested desserts. This year was not any different but with the added incredible benefit of having a gorgeous baby bear. During church I cuddle him close, during the day I kiss him while he is sleeping and awake, and at night I give him baby spa time making him silky smooth and pampered. Oh the pleasures of motherhood- i finally have a baby to dress, kiss and talk with all i want. (he at times might get a bit over stimulated -by little me)

Two Months of Fabulous Living

Oh the smile that makes my heart dance and my giggle high pitched.

Barek is now two months old, 10 pounds and 23 inches. He is such a pleasure to have in our home and I get so excited to hold him, while he smiles, cries and sleeps. He rolled over for the first time catching us both off guard. He was pleasantly pleased as it saved him for a short while from tummy time, but alas big momma put him right back on his belly where he fussed and squirmed. He now kicks with glee in the tiny tub, smiles, makes the most adorable noises and continues to sleep all through church. Two months glides past when you are having fun smother loving a little prince charming.