Jan 29, 2009

"Thirty and Flirty" ???

A birthday party sleep-over that only Valerie (pageant princess) could throw. Hot bartender, twister, sushi and plenty of loud girl music (thank you Jenelle) ... it was all a girl could ask for and more! So much fun it made me giggle before i went to sleep the next night.

Miss Lady you sure know how to make a girl feel special!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much.
I love you- friend!

Dinner with my posh Sash friends in Reno. Thank you for coming and thank you for the thoughtful presents...

Annie "you look pretty"

Lunch out our spot russels bakery. Thank you for coming and thank you so much for my over the top birthday presents, I felt like a birthday princess! Juicy watch and a massage gift card...wow!!!!!!!!!!!

The PEYTON my newest edition. Happy 30

Jan 27, 2009

Girls night out

Although this was not the red carpet event we were going to attend... it was equally as fabulous and funny. I know i know... women swooned in the theatre over Edwards rippling romance... but my blond bombshell friend and I just giggled... front row puts a damper on the magic of Belle and Edward. Although there was one kissing scene that neither of us giggled at... just a bit hot.