Sep 21, 2008

Make you blush

I am so in love with this- Posie by benefit. It is like their original benetint but softer. For a soft flush apply to apples of cheeks and then don't forget to Posie your pout and then gloss it up girl. Absolutely a brilliant buy- of course i feel most my buys are.

But it has kissing clasps...

Do i really need a number 30'ish Coach bag? Probably not, but then again need was never the driving force. The desire comes from imagining myself pulling out a lip gloss, organizing my adorable matching accessories in their new nest or this bag with those heels, boots or nothing at all. Oh, how i do love to celebrate being a woman!

Sunday Hoopla...

28 weeks old and squealing like a little girl- I assure Kev he will get a man voice one day.
Barek loves his legs tickled, his toes in his mouth, papa time (manly time) and sneezing.