Jun 23, 2008

Kev and Bear Cub

Just a few more days to go and Bear will be one year old....


A gorgeous collaboration Gav and Linds.

Grand Papakins.

All who know me well, have heard me ramble about my fiery love for my parents. They are full of sugar and spice... love the sugar, sometimes wish they would hold the spice. Wonderful examples of being each others best supporter. My Dadikins life have been filled with accomplishment, travel, bravery and sacrifice (he had seven kids after all). He is a man. A pipe leaks he reads a book and replaces it, children need nice sturdy bunk beds and he builds them; any reason to give jewelry to his woman and he is purchasing it, oh and he can save lives too. My dad worked three jobs to make sure his family was comfortable and that college was paid for. He is a fountain of knowledge. Any question you ask, he has an answer and 98.9% of the time he is correct. I don't know of a state or country my dad hasn't traveled to. Growing up with him as my dad gave me peace of mind and great confidence in him. I trust, respect and adore him. Thank you Dadikins for treating my mom with so much kindness and love. Congrats on your one job retirement Dad! Two more to go....

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