Oct 7, 2009

Bear Lake.

Keen has always been into high fashion.

Turned out daddy is pretty good at golf...

Koseli found her mini me.
The random silly string attack and my mom thought is was funny and okay for the envirionment.

here Carol is chasing me and getting out some aggression. I did notice that all the weaklings in the family were armed with silly string... minus the skinny's who are traveling the world.

Beary Fun Family Reunion.

Mergsie and his one of five bear hides. My little bear is not to fond of his kind becoming decoration. Thank you for the luxury of staying at your place Mergs- you have an amazing home and quite the master suite. Such a prince to let us take over your suite and for bear to get his own grand living space in your huge closet. Love you Mergs!

Finally got to see my Michelle. Bear had so much fun running around with his new friend Carson. Love you Guys- and that includes you Eddy Bear.

Raspberry shakes, secret "woman" talks, game of eggs, silly string, vinegar chicken,
a sweet baby memorial - home is where the family is.

Grayslake Posse.

Bear has found some really cool guys to hang out with. He contributes wines and high fives. They are so fun for Bear to be around, and he loves their sweet rides. and says "wow" when they ride up.

ZOO time with my Bear.

We had so much fun in IDAHO over the summer and look forward to returning for Christmas. We watched movies outside and a special feature by T-rex, played at the park, ate yummy food and of course I found time to shop (and scored two pair of True Religion Jeans).

Oct 6, 2009

TRI ATH aLON in mash potato land

Sweet nephews and niece preparing Bear for night night. They warmed their hands before they gave him a message with lotion. They are such sweet angels- i hope bear turns out to be just as wonderful and kind.

Bear eating a competitors dinner the night before the race. We got a few smug looks - like no one has seen a baby throw noodles... Kev did really well beating his time from two years before by quite a bit (helps to not have flat tires). We had such a fun time in the Hotel swimming, eating and snuggling waiting for Kev to finish and return for his race. First time bear has slept in my arms since he was little nursing one. savored the moment, and then slept myself since it was 5 am.

Jun 8, 2009

Sweet Janelle's baby Celebration

What a wonderful opportunity to be able to celebrate a friend with friends.
Janelle I love you and i am thankful to have you as a friend. Thank you for letting me do this for you- it was truely a pleasure and so much fun. I am so thankful for my Peterson-in-loves assistance in the kitchen. Sweet Bev thank you for playing the game - you were a natural. Lisa Lou it is always a tender moment to be with you. Glad i have friends i want to cherish forever- add them to my small collection of friends I don't want to do without.

Jun 3, 2009

our Little Drummer Boy...

Grandma Bev and Bear sleeping in the back seat...

Chocolate dipped strawberries anyone and then some cheese puffs to follow...

Elsa and Soren getting back to their wild west roots.

Bear just tipping back...

Bears first Balloon.

Our little bath angel.

Future Truck Driving Dentist

Easter 2009