Mar 16, 2009


Bear loves the dishwasher and looks like he is falling right into the sterotype at an early age.

ONE Year of Bear

I can not believe how quickly time swoops by when you are busy loving a little bear. Barek is very busy - he has been taking steps since 11 months, runs with the push tonka truck, loves walks in just his BOB stroller, turns the faucet on and off and throws things in the garden tub and still rather play than eat. He laughs a lot and plays little jokes on us by hiding behind something and then giggles. He has been such a wonderful blessing in our home. Kev and I still race to see who gets to pick him up from his nap- pink warm cheeks and smiling face. I can't imagine happiness without him and I know kev feels the same. We love you Bear! Happy First Birthday my little prince.