Mar 23, 2010

Guest Bedroom and Bath

Family Room

As you can see these pictures were taken during the wonderful holiday season.

Posh Sash Kitchen

The perfect cookie Kitchen.

Entry Way and Living Room

Bear's Den.

I really got into making things for bears room- just by cutting out and pick stitching material.

The Office..

Oct 7, 2009

Bear Lake.

Keen has always been into high fashion.

Turned out daddy is pretty good at golf...

Koseli found her mini me.
The random silly string attack and my mom thought is was funny and okay for the envirionment.

here Carol is chasing me and getting out some aggression. I did notice that all the weaklings in the family were armed with silly string... minus the skinny's who are traveling the world.

Beary Fun Family Reunion.

Mergsie and his one of five bear hides. My little bear is not to fond of his kind becoming decoration. Thank you for the luxury of staying at your place Mergs- you have an amazing home and quite the master suite. Such a prince to let us take over your suite and for bear to get his own grand living space in your huge closet. Love you Mergs!

Finally got to see my Michelle. Bear had so much fun running around with his new friend Carson. Love you Guys- and that includes you Eddy Bear.

Raspberry shakes, secret "woman" talks, game of eggs, silly string, vinegar chicken,
a sweet baby memorial - home is where the family is.