May 8, 2008

Today Bear will be three weeks young. He seems to be very social and interested in being included, even when nursing he flashes lots of smiles and tries to chat. I will have to teach him nursing etiquette. He loves his spa time in the steamy bathroom sink with grandma pampering him. Little Bear takes it very seriously as he relaxes his baby worries and lets the warm water soothe his troubles. My mom also puts Barek through baby work out with the yoga stretch and sit ups- he grunts and breaks a wee sweat... okay just grunts. I was having a hard time with the thought of my mom leaving. Not because i was scared to be alone with my creation but because we have been bonding and i am loving the attention. It is difficult as a daughter from a large family to find that precious moment that lets you be the focus of Mom. I found it and am milking it by going to the Grandma retreat and chatting with my mom, eating all her amazing food fixings (and oh yes there is breakfast in bed even at 11:00) and just savoring her affections for me and mine for her. After all she is a start to my understanding of life. We have more common ground now and i have a better understanding and admiration for her. It has been two weeks of wonderful and then there is still two more (of course i got Kev's okay on the extended mom stay - he is enjoying her too). Kev seems to have found a spring in his dental step as he heads to the office in the morning. He prays over the mom and baby (busy nursing) and kisses us multiple times. I savor this little family moment of ours, so much grandeur in small moments. All my days, nights and weeks are bleeding together. I don't think time has ever gone by quicker or been savored more by me. I am truly living in the moment just trying to soak it all in and not miss moments of baby splendor. I find i am so tired i have to close my eyes much longer than i wish. We have had a few outings- small but significant. My mom has insisted Kev and I go on dates although we are yawning through conversations. I just love time spent with Kev talking, flirting and loving each other. I think often about how blessed i am to have married that man. He has made me become a better women and thrive in my own skin. His patience with me is full of real charily and I admire him in so many ways and try to be more like him. He is my best friend and greatest boyfriend... meaning he is fun and hot:) I love the security of heart he encompasses me with. We are good - sleepy and good. I am flat stomached again and full hipped. I am looking forward to a shopping spree as you all know i need to make up for lost time- i figure it will take two days of focused shopping in California. In the next six months i will be revamping myself more exfoliating, pedicures and .... i would like you all to weigh in on hair color- i am curious. I have been all over the board of color- what is the preference? A few weeks ago I had 7 inches cut off of my hair and alas i think i am missing 5 of those inches. If you would be so kind as to tell me your opinion on Sasha hair- (this is a great opportunity because i do not ask appearance opinions but twice in a lifetime) favorite color, style... i would be tickled to know. I love you all and hope you are happy and please be patient with me if i owe you a call or a note. I am trying to get the mom thing down and sleeping sounds so tempting. Love sasha mari and her family of three.