Oct 7, 2009

Beary Fun Family Reunion.

Mergsie and his one of five bear hides. My little bear is not to fond of his kind becoming decoration. Thank you for the luxury of staying at your place Mergs- you have an amazing home and quite the master suite. Such a prince to let us take over your suite and for bear to get his own grand living space in your huge closet. Love you Mergs!

Finally got to see my Michelle. Bear had so much fun running around with his new friend Carson. Love you Guys- and that includes you Eddy Bear.

Raspberry shakes, secret "woman" talks, game of eggs, silly string, vinegar chicken,
a sweet baby memorial - home is where the family is.

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A Toast to Kos said...

Ah, that was the best family vacation ever. It was so hard to leave....