Oct 7, 2009

Bear Lake.

Keen has always been into high fashion.

Turned out daddy is pretty good at golf...

Koseli found her mini me.
The random silly string attack and my mom thought is was funny and okay for the envirionment.

here Carol is chasing me and getting out some aggression. I did notice that all the weaklings in the family were armed with silly string... minus the skinny's who are traveling the world.


A Toast to Kos said...

I love the pictures, Sasha. And I think it is especially insightful to see which ones you chose. Hee hee. You have to admit, the silly strung was weirdly fun and spontaneous, the kind of fun our family hardly ever engages in.

I wish I could see you at Christmas! Poohey.

The Keetch Family said...

Oh, looks like you had so much fun! You're mom cracks me up! So excited you are coming next week! We need to take pictures when you come!!! love you smashi!

lisa said...

Hi sasha! Love the pictures! I miss you so when I get to see pictures it makes me feel a little closer to you! You look great I love the color of your hair! Take care! Call me sometime!!! your lisa Mc